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Super Brawl 3
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Super Brawl 3: Good vs. Evil is an online flash crossover versus fighting game found on, in which both heroes and villains from various Nickelodeon cartoons can be played as brawlers. The previous two "Super Brawl" games were made prior to Nickelodeon's work with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles franchise. This is the last Super Brawl game in Flash, as Super hero brawl 4 was in html5, and Super Brawl Universe was first released on the Google Play Store.

Players are given a choice of characters, which includes the four Turtles and Shredder. They may also choose a male or female "Fan" - a human companion dressed like the character, that will jump in for a super "Fan Power" move upon filling a bar. The Fan Power moves replaced the Super Move from the previous Super Brawl games, as they are both very powerful attacks that require a bar to be filled up before they can be used.

Objective EditEdit

Defeat all other foes your character is paired against.

Controls EditEdit

  • Up arrow — jump
  • Right arrow — move right
  • Left arrow — move left
  • Down arrow — block
  • X — punch
  • Z — kick
  • C — Special attack
  • Special combo move — This move is different for all characters. For Korra, it is Right arrow, Left Arrow, X, and produces an Avatar Blast which causes her to bend all four elements at the same time. For Amon, it is Down arrow, Right arrow, Z, and produces a Blood Bending Stun, a strong, quick blow to the opponent.

The special attack can only be used when the fan power meter is full. The effects vary from character to character, and when charged completely, the playing field is engulfed in lightning-like images along with a powerful attack. For Korra, the playing field is engulfed in gold-colored lightning, Naga runs across the screen, and a fangirl/boy (the choice is given at the start of the game) cheers from the side. For Amon, the playing field is engulfed in purple-colored lightning and the fangirl/boy shoots lightning at the opponent.

Playable modes EditEdit

  • Story Mode: Pick a brawler and difficulty. Battle opponents to be crowned the ultimate brawler.
  • Free Play: Pick a brawler, a computer controlled opponent, difficulty, and the stage. First player to win two matches wins.
  • Multiplayer: Play as either a guest or with an account in either free play mode or tournament mode. Pick a brawler and stage, and the computer finds another opponent. If in free play mode, the first to win two games wins.
  • Training: Pick a brawler, stage, and opponent. The training mode teaches you the Special combo move for each character, and the opponent rejuvenates health every time their health gets to a critical level.

Playable brawlersEdit


  • ​Combo: Jellyfish Blast
  • Super Attack: Bubble Slash

Abrasive S.B.

  • Combo: Scratch Slide
  • Super Attack: Jellyfish Swarm
  • Episode: The Abrasive Side


  • Combo: Robo Cannon
  • Super Attack: Chum Bucket

Sanjay & Craig

  • Combo: Snakey Slash
  • Super Attack: Arcade Drop


  • Combo: Brawlberry Pie
  • Super Attack: Blueberry Bombardment


  • Combo: Beefshield


  • Combo: Dash & Slash
  • Super Attack: TV Toss


  • Combo: Bo Staff Shockwave
  • Super Attack: Machinery Bash


  • Combo: 100 Sai Stab
  • Super Attack: Sai Storm


  • Combo: Electric Boogaloo
  • Super Attack: Pizza Truck


  • Combo: Shredding Spark
  • Super Attack: Shredding Shockwave


  • Combo: Fairy Beam
  • Super Attack: Fairy Swarm

D. Crocker

  • Combo: Ultimate F
  • Super Attack: F Eruption

Gold Ranger

  • Combo: Barracuda Blades
  • Super Attack: Octozord


  • Combo: Mooger Portal Punch
  • Super Attack: Giant Fists


  • Combo: Pepper Breath
  • Super Attack: Rabbid Swarm


  • Combo: Dragonfire Fury
  • Super Attack: Fireball


  • Combo: Arctic Blast
  • Super Attack: Icicle Storm


  • Combo: Avatar Blast
  • Super Attack: Naga


  • Combo: Airbender Orb
  • Super Attack: Appa


  • Combo: Blood Bending Stun
  • Super Attack: Lightning Strike


  • Combo: Hydro Blast
  • Super attack: Card Swarm


  • Combo: Ooze Rush
  • Super Attack: Ooze Rain


  • Combo: Tablet Beam
  • Super Attack: Carrier Shock


  • Combo: Panda Belly Pound
  • Super Attack: Thunderclap

Master Junjie

  • Combo: Golden Lotus Clap
  • Super Attack: Sneak Attack


  • Combo: Party Punch


Playable stages EditEdit

  • Aang Memorial
  • Alfea tower
  • Downtown rooftops
  • Fairy World Stadium
  • Krusty Krab Alley
  • Oogway's retreat
  • Random
  • Sanzu river
  • The frycade
  • Southern Air Temple
  • Turtle Stadium

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Trivia Edit

This is the third Super Brawl game to have a theme, as Jingle Brawl was themed around Christmas, Super Brawl Summer was themed around summer, and Super Fall Brawl was themed around fall. This game has the theme "Good vs. Evil", and Super Hero Brawl 4 has a superhero theme.